Can You Not

I'm depressed,looking for a job!,I'm a proud Puerto Rican/African American! My birthday is August 8th so send birthday wishes. Feminist! Undercover cop. MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE! I SHIP FRERARD!


"If a weekend away coincides with your problem days, maybe you’d better bring a guitar along.  Or a tuba. Then you can always pretend you have to practice if you need some excuse for being off the beach, out of the swim."—Tampax ad, 1966 (via Vintage-Ads)

"fuckin right I’ll go on national TV and wear a wife beater. Fuck your fashion."

"FaceTime wake up calls to LA!! This is normal" -Ashleigh’s Facebook 


The fact that Austin Carlile and MGK are best friends and they hang out and they do stuff together it just makes me so




Hey foxy lady, I wanna take you on a trip. Hey man, peace and doobs. Happy Halloween fuckers.