welcome to hell
she got the tumblr?........she doooooooooooooooooo
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Em’s pics as a baby. You sassy mofo, yo butt is still as cute as it used to be.

"So, if it’s a man’s world, God wouldn’t have made me…or that fat fuck."

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Lost KOTH Episode


Hank develops an interest in the taste of human flesh and joins a cannibalistic cult, but becomes horrified when he discovers they use charcoal to cook their victims. Bobby hits an asteroid heading for Arlen out of the atmosphere with a bass guitar. Luanne starts using Tumblr and becomes involved with the Supernatural and Doctor Who fandoms even though she has never seen an episode of either. Boomhauer eats a pizza and experiences severe acid reflux.

“if you don’t have this on your blog I will judge you”



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